concise smile

by june politano

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demos for the february 2013 RPM challenge.

visit for more details.


released March 1, 2013

all songs written, performed, & recorded by June Politano

*track ten; additional vocals, guitar, & mandolin by Dustin Saucier



all rights reserved


june politano Boston, Massachusetts



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Track Name: halfway
i try and I try, again and again
not to be unsatisfied
a simple life lately
keeps me awake
i go on and on telling myself
it will be alright
a simple life
biting my nails, biding my time
this life will be just fine
but for how long?
on and on, I try and I try
not to be unsatisfied
again and again
it keeps me awake
it'll go on
Track Name: i woke up laughing
let's get out of here
the ocean's right behind you
we whisper our finest words
underneath the fullest moons
in the dark a glass did break
over time the edges smooth
in the dark I see your face
and in my dreams I call to you
we whisper our finest words
Track Name: next
take all the hours that you couldn’t get back
that were spent waiting...waiting
waiting for a bus
waiting for the water to boil
waiting for the sun to come up
waiting for a phone call
waiting for a taxi
waiting for pizza delivery
wait for the rain to end
wait for the line to clear
waiting to get a beer
wait for the sun to warm the air
when you really feel love is worth such time
when you got nothing else
i can’t wait forever
i can’t wait anymore
for you to get out of my way
wait for the cash to spend
waiting to feel some cheer
wait for stars to shine above
when you really feel love is worth such time
when you got nothing else
i can’t wait forever
i can’t wait anymore for a salud
Track Name: invitation to love
i hear a bark in the yard
and a shovel to the ground
my bed sheets are cold
and there's no one around
with you on my mind
it feels so much warmer in here
the dishes are done
the coffee's been made
there's salt on the stairs
and socks on my feet
with you on my mind
i feel less alone in here
i stay indoors it's okay with me
the sky's been falling on everyone
'Twin Peaks' on my screen
i'm going nowhere tonight.
Track Name: tongues
i'd give an arm and a leg
for the apple of my eye
but i'm barking up a wrong tree
good things come to those
who check their watches
a slap on the wrist
and a taste of my own medicine
your guess is as good mine
am i at the start
or the end of a long line
off the record
on the fence
the motions i am going through
in the same boat
unsure what to do
you're out orbiting
your center of gravity
and i'm just having
that falling dream.
Track Name: lighten up
kill the king when he gets too old
find someone to love
and live forever
and live forever
flee the land and breathe deeply
until you reach the seventeenth century
gonna live forever
wanna live forever
settle down when you leave your home
ran away from death and bad memories
don't fear the flames
(invade your senses)
let's roast some beets
watch the sun sink low
watch it disappear
watch it disappear
let's live forever
c'mon and live forever
Track Name: bloodshot
a violent perfume lingered
beneath the mask
pour another with a heavy hand
test tubes and beakers
jasmine with genius
headaches and madness
take off your dress
throw it in the tub
Track Name: get some rest
some live for bedtime
others appear drained
all the trees in windows
from a moving train
seem tired and motionless
when i close my eyes
shapes shift
in kaleidoscopes
black and white
sit inside yourself
lost in rooms of places
you once lived
marked by physical means
and by sentimental journeys.
Track Name: nose for eyes
what got us riled up one night
standing on a porch
lit up by the moon
and a line from a song
and a cigarette that i smoked too long
went into flight flicked from my fingers
exploding on the neighbors below
we know how it goes
most of the time
most of the time
pining the passing of your eyes
i guess this has nowhere to go
nowhere to go
it's just always there
the one i knew before
the one i knew before
loved as deep as a fountain
with all the coins to wish on
everyone knew what i wished for
well my birthday came
and it went but what i remember
was how you let it show
sunday dress and eyes that cry
because you're gone
what got us riled up one night
up one night
lit up by the moon
Track Name: concise smile
calling all crows
carpets ripped up
frozen dead animals
broken glass under my shoes
branches twisting
through window panes
no steps to the door
whatever happened here.